A Warm Welcome

The first full week is completed already! Time does fly!

It’s been great getting to know everyone. This week we’ve started reading a book called The Story Machine about a boy called Elliott – can the children tell you what he has found in his attic?!

Here’s a link to the author, Tom Mclaughlin, reading the book (adults, please take care as youtube comments may be visible/accessible to your children and are not moderated. Comments are moderated on our school blogs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXVqCCeCPAU

See you on Monday!

Victorian Exhibition

Today the children have enjoyed showing all the work they have completed at home as their home learning this term. We put all their hard work out on tables and held an exhibition. It was lovely to see what they have been making, where they have visited and what they have learnt about the Victorians. They showed their friends, talked about what they found out about and enjoyed looking at everyone’s work. Well done everybody.

A Victorian Christmas

We have had a brilliant trip to Shire Hall today. We dressed as Victorians and learnt lots about what it was like at Christmas in the Victorian times. We decorated biscuits,made fruit punch, made a Victorian Christmas card and tried out writing in ink. We were also told a lovely Victorian story around their Christmas tree. Thanks to the Shire Hall staff and all the parents for helping. 

Welcome to Grayling 2- 2018!

We have had a great start to our first term in Year 2.

We are busy learning about the Victorians and have been on our first trip to Shire Hall. Here are some of our best bits…

‘It was good because we got to see in the dungeon.’ H

‘I found out that Harry Parkers’ crime was arson.’ J

‘Harry Parker was only seven when he went to court.’ H

‘I found out that children had to make their toys themselves out of wood, like peg dolls.’ R

Come back soon to find out more about our learning.


Our week

We’ve had a great week and can’t  believe how busy we’ve been!

On Monday we went back in time to Thomas Hardy’s cottage to learn about his life, life in the Victorian times and explore how nature can inspire and help us!

Friday was the Year 2 village show day and we were so proud of all the children’s amazing entries. Thanks so much for all your support and joining us today!

Bee yourself!

We visited Poundbury Garden Centre today and met an un-bee-lievablly knowledgable bee expert. He taught us lots about bees whilst we listened carefully.

Did you you know there are over 250 species of bees in the U.K? Bees are very important as they help pollinate lots of plants – without insects that pollinate, we would not have many of our favourite foods.

The children have all received a pack of sunflower seeds to plant and help attract bees if you are able to.

After a very busy week of Secret Agent Training, homework this week is to have a well earned rest and try and enjoy some reading together.

Remember next week is ‘healthy week’. Please help us to stay healthy be ensuring our water bottles only have water in them too. Thank you!



This week and next week. Maths time game.

We have been busy practising telling the time this week, as well as learning about different 2D and 3D shape.

The class enjoyed playing this game for a quick 5 min challenge to work out times on the clocks.


We have been reading a book called The Promise by Nicola Davies. We’ve used a colour thesaurus to help add extra detail to our writing. We’ve also been thinking about how adding suffixes can help improve our sentences sometimes. E.g. Instead of saying ‘I was happy’, writing ‘I stared with amazement’ can add more detail.

Next week in maths we will be practising finding fractions of shapes and numbers.

A letter has gone home with details about upcoming trips too that I hope you will find useful.

On Monday 30th April we also have our parents S.A.T.s meeting at 2.30pm. 


Money, money, money! And music too

We were so happy to welcome Mr Edge back today! We learnt some breathing techniques to help us with our signing. We had fun learning a new song called ‘Gorilla’ too.

In maths, we have been using coins to add and subtract amounts as well as make different amounts using different coins. E.g. How many ways could you make £1.10? What is the most number of coins you could use? What is the least?

We have started reading a new book in literacy, called The Promise. An unlikely main character helps transform her miserable city into something quite special!

Children are brining home a poster with info about a parent/carer session to find out more about the KS1 S.A.T.s  that I hope you will find useful. Please see me if you have any questions.